Learn Option & Future Trading From Basic To Advance 

In Just Live 4 Days Webinar From India No #1 Stock Trading Expert Vishal Malkan 

LIVE Virtual Event on 24th & 25th August 2022

Here's what you'll learn

  • Why one should Trade Options?
  • Benefits of Options Trading
  • ​Which strategy to use?
  • Swing & Intraday Trading

Just for ₹15000/  ₹2500/-

Trade August Expiry with Vishal B Malkan

All About Options
Here's the place to know all about
Options Trading.
Track vs Trade
There are many similarities between the pitch and the market.
Guaranteed Success
Learn Options to trade like a PRO.
Tools & Techniques
Learn the right strategy to trade wisely.

Here's what You will get

  • 2 Day Virtual Training
  • Simplified Options Trading
  • Benefits of Options Trading
  • No Greeks
  • Why one should Trade Options?
  • Cricket V/S Options
  • 2 Day Live Trading
  • Swing & Intraday Trading
  • 2 Live Sessions for 2 Consecutive Days
  • Opening Analysis in Zone 1 (09:00 am - 09:30 am)
  • Closing Analysis in Zone 3 (02:30 pm - 03:00 pm)
  • Stock Selection & Real Time Market Scan

Just for ₹15000/  ₹2500/-

Also, you will be granted 30 Days of FREE Access To
"Stock Trading Secrets" & "Futures & Options Training"


 Candlesticks Patterns

Learn Technicals    

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 Strike price & Margin

 ITM ATM OTM options 

 Learn Derivatives Market

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Just for ₹15000/  ₹2500/-

How our strategies have helped our students achieve success

Why Learn Option & Future Trading From The Expert, Vishal B Malkan?

  • Helped create passive/active income for over 50,000         students by offering simplified trading tools & techniques
  • ​Knowledge of 25+ years at the click of a button
  • ​​Converted complex stock trading strategies into simple tools & revolutionised trading forever
  • ​​​​Founder of Malkansview - Asia's largest stock market training institute
  • ​​The only institute where the mindset is as important as tools & techniques

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Just for ₹15000/  ₹2500/-

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